Meet the People

Chip and Bev invite you to Meet the People that make the Missouri Council of the Blind what it is.

Since its founding in 1956, MCB has made an impact on the blind community of Missouri. From supporting and advocating for programs such as Missouri Rehab Services for the Blind and Missouri Assistive Technology to successfully challenging the state of Missouri in a legal battle over money that rightfully belonged to the blind. In fulfilling our mission to promote the general well-being of our members and legally blind people in Missouri, and to support or participate in other programs promoting the best interests of legally blind people everywhere, MCB has had and still do have members that step up to the plate to do what is necessary to support and advocate for the blind of Missouri.

Who are these people and what makes them who they are? You may have heard their names but not who they are. Some of them will be familiar names and others may not be well known, but all of them make MCB what it is today. Join Chip and Bev as they have an informal conversation with the people that made MCB what it was and what it is today.

If you have an Echo device just say, “Alexa, play Meet the People of MCB on Apple podcast”.

You can call the MCB information line 773-572-6387 and press option 1.

If you have a Victor Stream or Victor Trek go to podcasts, and then to add a podcast, and type in, Meet the People of MCB.

Click on the name below to listen online.

Here are the people of MCB we have interviewed thus far.

Bob Selby 6-18-2024

Linda Musgrave 5-14-2024

Mandy Dovan 4-16-2024

Mary Hale 3-28-2024

Jeannie Jaco 3-14-2024

Nancy Ficken 2-19-2024

Nate Freeman 1-10-2024

William Hawkins 11-27-2023

Chris Dickey 11-14-2023

Tracy Anderson 10-28-2023

Mark Harris 10-11-2023

Karen Heffernan 09-28-2023

Harvey House 09-14-2023

Belinda Turner 09-06-2023

Deb Cook Lewis 08-29-2023

Mary Hock 08-22-2023

Beverly Kaskadden, Linda Gerken, and Chip Hailey 08-11-2023

Melvin Smith 07-27-2023

Carla Greene 07-18-2023

Alicia Starner 07-04-2023

Jeff Creech 06-27-2023

Courtlin Sanders 06-20-2023

Celita White 06-02-2023

Annette Carter 05-17-2023

Linda Burris 05-11-2023

Linda Coccovizzo 05-02-2023

Debbie Platner 04-25-2023

Rob Albro 04-18-2023

Michael Hopper 03-01-2023

Ronnie & Phyllis Zirkle 02-22-2023

Barbara Sheinbein 02-14-2023

Chad Dillon 02-07-2023

Carol Moody 01-21-2023

Wanda Matlock 01-25-2023

Brenda Whitlock 01-17-2023

Kenny Norton 01-10-2023

Robyn Wallen 01-03-2023

Santa Claus 12-20-2022

Joe Dobbs 12-13-2022

Daniel LaGoo 12-07-2022

Robert and Kim Vaughn 12-01-2022

Tammie Schnelle 11-22-2022

Debbie Sanders 11-16-2022

Patrick Patton 11-09-2022

Raymond Bishop 11-04-2022

Julie Broker 10-26-2022

Greg Hollins 10-18-2022

Malvan and Trudy Avants 10-11-2022

Wendell Wilcox 09-19-2022

Brian Wekamp 09-03-2022

Hazel Fields 08-25-2022

Theresa Moore 08-18-2022

Bob Jaco 08-09-2022

Beverly Robertson 08-03-2022

Reba Carter 07-26-2022

Barbara Dewberry 07-19-2022

Susan Pearce 06-28-2022

Marti Watson 06-21-2022

Linda Coccovizzo 06-04-2022

Craig Ancell 05-27-2022

Stephanie Birkhead 05-21-2022

Brandi Jones 05-12-2022

Anna Schell 04-12-2022

Magan Harms 03-23-2022

Erika Wolf 03-16-2022

Kim Reese 03-09-2022

Nancy Hodson 03-02-2022

Gretchen Maune 02-16-2022

Lori Kessinger 02-09-2022

Roger Jewell 02-03-2022

April Gray 01-26-2022

Debra Whitt 01-19-2022

Bunny Maginnis 01-12-2022

Tom Armstrong 01-05-2022

Donna Weidlich 12-29-2021

Santa Claus 12-15-2021

Jason Frazier 12-01-2021

Virginia Drapkin 11-24-2021

Patti Schonlau 11-18-2021

Shirley Ritter 11-10-2021

Joe Morgan 11-03-2021

Janelle Edwards 10-27-2021

Susan Sanderson 10-20-2021

Jim Murray 10-06-2021

Bob Collier 09-29-2021

Denny Huff 09-22-2021

Beverly Kaskadden 09-15-2021

Jack and June Lenk 09-09-2021

Naomi Soule 09-01-2021

Chip Hailey 08-25-2021

Wilma Chestnut-House 08-18-2021

Paul Mimms 08-11-2021

Carl Chappell 08-05-2021

Sarah Calhoun 07-28-2021

Allan Newsham 07-21-2021

DeAnna Quietwater Noriega 07-14-2021

Judy Burch 07-07-2021

Jesuita Tabor 06-29-2021

Chris Peltz, The Blind Griller 06-16-2021

Linda Gerken 06-10-2021

Terry Nord and Kay Malmquist 06-02-2021

Shirley Brokaw 05-26-2021

Don and Bev Shockley 05-18-2021

Introduction with Chip Hailey and Denny Huff 04-12-2021